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Here are some good links for metal 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing)

Airbus 3D Printing technology

Airbus is at the start of an innovation revolution using 3D printing technology. 3D plastic parts are already flying on a commercial A310 and an A350 XWB test aircraft. 

What Is Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a process that creates a physical object from a digital design. Learn more about the process of additive manufacturing in this short video.

3D printing with metal, titanium & aluminum

Two 3D printed metal samples made with EOS 3D printers. A Formula 1 race car custom heat exchanger and artificial joints.

Engineers at GE Aviation 3D-printed a working version of a jet engine.

Watch this video to learn how NASA engineers designed and tested a large 3-D printed rocket engine part. (NASA/MSFC)

The M LINE Factory is the foundation of our vision for the “AM Factory of Tomorrow” and is anchored on the principles of automation, interoperability, and digitization.

ANSYS Simulation Overview

Discover how engineering simulation is expanding across the entire product lifecycle, from digital exploration to digital prototyping to operations and maintenance using digital twins.

Rescale HPC Platform

Rescale was built by engineers and industry experts to provide the comprehensive computing and simulation platform an enterprise needs.

Installing a Metal 3D Printer

What equipment does one need for metal 3D printing? 

Mitigation of Thermal Distortion

The metal additive manufacturing (AM) process can quickly produce complex parts with mechanical properties comparable to wrought materials. However, thermal stress accumulated in the process may induce thermal distortion, and even cause the failure of the entire build process.

3D Printing is passing the aerospace test

Aerospace is one of the main industries embracing additive technologies, and the large growth in industrial metal 3D printing over the past few years can be largely attributed to the A&D industry.

3D Metal Printing: Tips, Trends, and Common Misconceptions

When it comes to low-volume manufacturing of metal parts, 3D metal printing is set to propel the market forward and disrupt the status quo. There is a lot of buzz around the technology, and rightfully so. However, it has limitations that cannot be overlooked.

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USTAR Grant to Optisys


Optisys received a Technology Acceleration Program (TAP) Grant from USTAR. TAP is a USTAR competitive grant program that supports private sector technology development for Utah-based companies.